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The Jardin Des Anges is a Quebec company that distributes fruit at home, certified organic vegetables and the best organic products selected. Founded in 1999, The Jardin des Anges is an offshoot of the business incubator of the Agricultural School of Mirabel and programs to support business creation of the Quebec Government. Jerome Plante, general manager, is associated with the development of the company since its debuts. The Jardin Des Anges rose gradually from a micro-enterprise status to that of a growing SME. The Jardin Des Anges is based on the competence of a dynamic team now with thirty employees.

First an organic farm of vegetable production, Jardin Des anges has developed a system favoring home delivery customer service and using advanced and friendly Internet technology. Throughout its evolution, Jardin Des anges has developed a network of supply of organic products with local producers that he supports each year by the marketing specialties of each. So that now, thanks to the constant increase of its membership, Jardin des Anges can offer organic products of a quality and an exceptional variety while supporting more than two dozen farmers and artisans! Quebec products take the place of honor in the baskets of the Jardin Des Anges.


Our mission is to offer the widest range of certified organic products, tasty and high quality, and this all year long. We have at heart to promote organic farming and local consumption of ethical products. Our specialty is ORGANIC products - LOCAL-FAIR. We are F.L.O"







Whether in relation with the content of the baskets, delivery, registration or operation of your application online, the customer service team of the Jardin des Anges is always available to answer your questions. To reach a representative at all times (during business hours), please see below our Contact Us page.